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The Swiss Cheer Association (SCA) is the umbrella organization for all Swiss cheerleading organization and clubs. We are a member of the International Cheer Union (ICU) and the European Cheer Union (ECU).


Our goal is to promote and develop cheerleading in Switzerland in a safe and sustainable way

The SCA (Swiss Cheer Association) is the governing body of all Swiss cheer sport teams, both cheerleading and performance cheer. Since 2007, we strive to build a strong foundation for our sport and support over 20 different member-clubs in their pursuit of excellence.

We are a non-profit organisation that fully relies on the passionate work of various volunteers from the cheer sport community. Our goal is to grow the sport all across Switzerland, and to offer our support and guidance to the different clubs so they can build their programs effectively. This is done through continuous efforts to establish our sport in organisations like J+S or Swiss Olympics, as well as through coaches’ education and direct athletic training in the context of the Swiss National Team.

We work to increase our visibility and to shape the public’s perception of what cheer sport – and, by extension, a cheer athlete – really is.

As a member of the ECU (European Cheer Union) and the ICU (International Cheer Union), we are also in charge of international assignments where the Swiss National Team is concerned.

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