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Swiss National Championship 2024

Date & Location

June 01, 2024
St. Jakobshalle Basel


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List of Participants here
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Rules Questions

Each request must be answered with LEGAL or ILLEGAL. The SCA expects coaches to have a basic knowledge of the rules (this includes all documents).
Videos must be filmed specifically for the purpose of the request (no Instagram/Youtube/Facebook/Championship videos).


  • Videos must show your team in a training situation and must not show more than one skill or sequence.

  • Stunt and Toss videos should not show more than one group

  • Pyramid videos may show all team members, but must still clearly show the skill

  • Please make sure there are no extra people in the video Ex: A spotter who will not be there at the event.

  • Videos must show the skill exactly as it will be judged. Assessments based on further explanations are not possible.

If there are questions about several skills, several separate requests are necessary. Multiple angles of the same skill are fine. All other questions about the rulebook must be sent to

File Upload

Thanks for submitting!


SCA follows ECU and ICU rules, with some adaptations. Please read carefully the rulebook. We strongly suggest that all coaches go follow the course that SCA organizes every other year on rules comprehension. 


Rankings of Swiss Championship of the past years.

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