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In 1991, the first few cheerleading teams were established in Switzerland. Only five years later, the first attempt at an unofficial national competition was made at the 1996 American Football Final (Swiss Bowl). Back then, the whole competition fit into the halftime-break of an American football game.

The first official national championship was held in 2002 in Egg, Zurich. But it wasn’t until 2007 that we established our current governing body, then called the “CCVS” (Cheerleading und Cheerdance Verband Schweiz). Ever since, the Swiss national championships have been held every year in alternating cities. The SCA not only awards trophies to the winning teams, but also a shot at international glory; a qualification to the European championships (by ECU). 

Through the years, cheer sport in Switzerland grew from only a few teams (many of them connected to other sports teams) to a total of 20 independent organisations across the country with over 1000 athletes between them. Today, a cheer sport program can be found in almost all major cities.

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